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With MathTek, students will develop solid foundations of math skills enabling them to become critical thinkers and problem solvers ready to face the challenges of our ever-changing world.


Enhanced K-12 Curriculum

Students develop competencies in all the essential math domains: numbers and number sense, patterns and algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics and probability. Mastery of math skills is ensured through a spiral approach.

Effective Teaching Strategy

Students unravel math concepts through the use of Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach. Students systematically progress from concrete examples to abstract concepts through colorful visual discussions.

Context-Based Learning

Students discover the relevance of math through stories and characters situated in familiar Filipino experiences. Each lesson provides word problems, guided solutions, and portfolio activities that reveal to learners the practical application of math in their lives.

Technology-Enriched Lessons

Students explore math concepts through the use of virtual manipulatives. Students can also access interactive exercises that they can play on their computers or mobile devices, making math learning much more fun and exciting.
  • Full color worktext
  • Interactive Exercises (Windows desktop application)
  • Full color worktext
  • Interactive Exercises (Windows desktop application)

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