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Language is ever changing and even your language curriculum must be ready for the 21st century. Are you developing graduates who are effective communicators in the English language?


K-12 Ready

EnglishTek is based on the Department of Education K-12 specification for Language Arts and enhanced the communicative approach and English as a Second Language teaching principles.

Develop communicative competence

Students go through Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). It is considered the ideal language learning approach for Filipinos who are mainly second language speakers of English. Lessons go beyond grammar rules and students are also taught the various functions of language in a variety of real-world situations.

Develop multiliteracies and critical thinking

Among the 21st century skills that EnglishTek learners acquire are multiliteracies and critical thinking. With the growing number of ways technology has enabled us to communicate, our learners should be able to express themselves through various media. With the abundance of information that learners can access, they learn to filter and process information critically.

Listen, speak, read, and write better

Students develop the language macro skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. EnglishTek contains activities that develop each of these macro skills in every lesson. These competencies are also integrated in the spiral curriculum so that each grade level offers learners new challenges and still ensure mastery of these skills.

Engage learners through relevant and practical learning

Students learn best when they appreciate the practical applications of what they’re learning. EnglishTek learners are also immersed in the Filipino culture through the localized examples and themes. They study and analyze model texts that represent real-world language use.

Learn through fun and games

The EnglishTek program features many engaging exercises and activities. Students enjoy full-color worktexts and highly visual content on language and literature. Interactive games and speech recognition activities extend learning beyond the classroom.
  • Full color worktext
  • Interactive Exercises (Windows desktop application)
  • Full color worktext
  • Interactive Exercises (Windows desktop application)
  • Full color worktext
  • Interactive Exercises (Windows desktop application)

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