Introducing Snappy Sketch: Train Your Visual Memory through Sketching

We’re so happy to announce the launch of our latest mobile app – Snappy Sketch. Snappy Sketch trains your short-term visual memory in just minutes a day through four simple steps:

  1. Select a picture
  2. Study the details for 30 seconds (or less)
  3. Sketch what you remember
  4. Save to your device, and/or
  5. Share your results on social media

What is Visual Memory?

So what is visual memory? Visual memory is our ability to remember feature and details of things that we’ve seen. It is important that we develop this ability. Children who have not developed their visual memory may┬áhave difficulty recognizing patterns, letters, and numbers which might affect their later ability to read [1].

How Can it Be Trained

One of the ways our visual memory can be trained is by copying pictures, patterns, letters and numbers from a source. Another way is to try and draw pictures from memory. The key in such an exercise is accuracy – how well are you able to remember the details of what you saw and show those details in your drawing.

How Snappy Sketch Works

Snappy Sketch works with your visual short-term memory since you have to work with just 30 seconds to study and image. Afterwards, you have to rely on your memory to redraw the picture as best as you can. The results would show your sketch and the original image together so you can compare and see how well you did capturing the details. It even shows you how long it too you to draw the image!
Since it also involves sketching on a touch screen, it also helps you work your fine motor skills. With the timed challenge, sketching with Snappy Sketch keeps your mind alert and active!

Download Snappy Sketch

Snappy Sketch is available for free on Android devices from Google Play.