There are plenty of questions about the Senior High School (Grades 11-12) Voucher Program. The DepEd was kind enough to provide these infographics to address some of the frequently asked questions.

Here’s the text transcript of the infographics:

Some Questions on the Senior High School Voucher Program

Is there a grade requirement for a student to be able to be qualified for the Voucher Program?

There is no grade requirement for a student to be able to qualify for the SHS Voucher Program. However, a Grade 10 completer who wishes to enroll in a private school would need to comply with the school’s admission requirements like any other applicant. If a student applicant does not meet grade requirements, for example, the private school may not grant him/her admission. In this case, the student can opt to apply in other SHS provider where he/she will qualify, or he/she can decide to enroll in a DepEd SHS instead.

Is it true that after the early registration, I can no longer apply/avail the Voucher Program?

No. Public JHS and ESC grantees are automatically qualified for the Voucher Program, while private Grade 10 non-ESC grantees need to apply. The deadline for application is January 15, 2016 for manual application and February 12, 2016 for online application.

After early registration, can I still select another school and/ or course preference?

Yes, your child can still select another school and track of his/her preference come enrollment.

Does the voucher amount cover other fees (registration, books, etc.)?

The voucher amount covers the tuition and other school fees. Should the total school fees exceed the voucher amount, the beneficiary is expected to shoulder the top-up.

What is a top-up?

It is the difference between total school fees and the voucher amount applicable to the student.


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For more details, check the the Department of Education K to 12 web page.