Note-taking is a critical skill students should have. Note-taking helps sure learners remember the most detail when listening to lectures in class. Notes can also serves as great review material after.

However, note-taking isn’t as popular today especially with the rise of mobile phones. Some students even resort to just taking pictures of the blackboard or whiteboard after a teacher’s lecture.

It’s a good thing note taking has gone digital too. There are plenty of apps that help with note taking these days. One of our favorite apps is Google Keep. It used to be available through the browser and Android but Google recently launched its version for Apple iOS.

Here are some of its cool features that you can use for your own note taking.

Creating Notes

Google Keep Note

Google Keep allows you to create plain text notes. That’s pretty simple. Just type in a title and write up the details you want in the note. Make your titles descriptive too so that you can easily look sort your notes when you need to.



Another type of note that you can create is checklists. You simply add list items and when you save the note, the list items would have checkboxes. Once you check an item, it even gets crossed off your list.

Notes with Media


You can even insert media like pictures, audio, and video to your note. On a mobile device, Google Keep can use the device’s camera to take pictures and automatically inserts them in the notes. You can also select from your device’s gallery, or, if you’re working through your browser, upload one.



Another cool feature of Google Keep is assigning reminders for every note. Say you want to be reminded of your to-do list, you can just set a reminder. For school, it’s also a nifty feature. Say you would want to review a note later on for a quiz or exam the next day, just set the reminder.

Color Code

Google Keep Color

Some schools still go by color codes for each subject. Your Science class might require you to have a green notebook and your Math, red. In Google Keep, you can color-code your notes so that you can easily sort through your notes.


Google Keep Archive

What if you’re done with a note? You don’t have to delete notes in Google Keep. You can just archive them. This way, the note will not show up on your active notes list anymore but it is still stored for future reference. Like if you want to review notes for a final exam.


Google Keep Search

What is a Google application without search? Google Keep lets you find information quickly through search. Just type any keyword in the search bar and all notes that contain the keyword would show up, instantly!

Syncing to Google Account

All of your notes are synced to your Google Account so you don’t actually lose them. You don’t have to worry about losing your notebook or accidentally spilling juice on them. They’re all safely stored in Google’s servers. That also means that you can access your notes across all devices where your account is logged in.