When Google Earth and Google Maps unveiled their satellite images that included the Philippines, many of us were content to just look at the roofs of our houses. That small thing made us feel part of a really global thing.

With the recent Android update, Google inserted the Street View mobile app on many of our devices. And it’s quite fun to explore Philippine streets with it.
Unlike Google Maps which only provides an overhead shot of the map, Google Street View allows you to explore the map using pictures taken at the street level. That means you can actually seethe roads, trees, buildings, and even vehicles and people on the street.

Even more exciting is that you can now go on field trips without having to rent a bus and secure permission slips!

Explore your locality


You don’t have to go far for a field trip. Let your students roam the streets of your locality safely by letting them explore your locality through Street View. Since your students are also familiar with their immediate surroundings, you can even discuss some of the possible changes that already happened in your area compared to what they see on Street View.

Explore Philippine spots


Street View has already covered a lot of major Philippine roads and destinations. Try visiting some of the historic landmarks that are otherwise difficult or expensive to visit. Google Street View already has a great selection of Philippine spots like Barasoain Church, Corregidor Island, Intramuros, and Mount Pulag.

Explore global spots


Since Google is global, many great destinations are available for your virtual exploration as well. Just check out the highlight of Kenyan wildlife in Street View among the other global destinations that you can explore. Street View even has blurbs that gives you a brief information of a particular spot.