The Senior High School (SHS) levels of the K-12 will be in full swing come next year. In the new K-12 program, SHS will have four tracks: Academic, Technical-Vocational Livelihood, Sports, and Arts and Design. Students will get to choose their tracks based on their interests and career goals.

Just like preparing for college, incoming SHS students will be faced with the same questions and possibly decision pressures. To help with that, the DepEd will be rolling out a Career Guidance Program (CGP) this October as part of the National Early Registration for students who will be completing Grade 10 early by October.

The CGP is envisioned to help incoming SH Schoolers to “make informed choices” and also choose a track that “matches the available resources as well as job opportunities.”

Part of the activities is for students to go through three modules of the Career Guidance Manual namely:

  • Module 1: “Embarking on a Journey to Self-Discovery” –  helps students discover their interests and skills
  • Module 2: “Examining the Destinations” – shows students the various resources available for the learning of the various tracks
  • Module 3: “Charting Your Own Course” – orients students on decision-making skills to help them in their own big decision

For more information about the CGP, you may consult Department Order 41 series of 2015 which outlines the whole program.

Source: The Official Gazette